Eco Agro Grow blocks can be used as plant propagation starter. Seedlings and cuttings can be easily germinated on this block with less effort. Grow blocks can be prepared with or without fertilizer according to the requirement.

This product is made of special particle blend buffered coco pith material which ensure quality plant germination. Grow block enclose with a degradable net to hold the shape of the block. This can be used as an alternative for widely used rockwool media.

The Starter bags are made with 100% super washed coir natural material, in different sizes and shapes that are 100% bio-degradable. Water Holding Capacity of 65%-75%. Air-filled porosity of 25%-35% ensures optimum oxygen diffusion rates in the root zone. The coir compressed to square shape block and packed in  UV treated co-extruded PE bags.  

  • Excellent drainage and aeration
  • Fast and healthy seed germination
  • Strong root development
  • Free from pathogens, weeds and contaminations

Eco Agro starter bags are popular among professional  cut-flower and vegetable growers using hydroponic systems, greenhouses or other nursery applications.