About Our Company

Eco Films Group

Eco Films (Pvt) Ltd is diversified company founded by Thilan Samarawickrama in Sri Lanka,  having operations in multiple industries such as manufacturing of flexible packaging , manufacturing of Coir Growing Media , Importing and Distributing Polymers , Importing & Distributing Drip Irrigation systems and Agriculture netting and Product stewardships. Eco Films has strong roots in manufacturing and Agriculture Sectors.


Eco Films is  one of the largest blown films manufacturers in Sri Lanka  and  with a comprehensive portfolio of Agriculture and Horticulture related polythene products such as Mulch films , Green house films, Grow Bags and Planters bags etc. State of the art manufacturing facility is located in Ja-ela with an overseas subsidiary in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Evinco Polymers is the market leading brand for Calcium Carbonate fillers , Compostable plastic raw materials and colour Master Batches


Eco Agro is our Product line focusing on  manufacturing and exporting coir growing media , agriculture and horticulture films to meet the global demand for food safety. Eco Agro has five product brand  “EcoDrip”, “EcoGreen”, “EcoMulch” specially focused for New Zealand , Australia and East Africa markets with own marketing and distribution Operations.


Eco Sustainables is  New Zealand business start-up focusing on “Integrated Product Stewardship” with an objective to partner with Local and Overseas businesses to create and enable consistency in design, use and disposal of plastics in their products to support a circular plastic economy. We will help them with designing Product Stewardship schemes and also carry out end of life on-shore recycling and promote re-use of recycled plastics to create a closed loop circular economy. We use 6R approach for sustainable designing – Rethink, Refuse, Replace, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.