We bring to the table many years of technological knowledge in netting dynamics to provide the expertise to assist you, the customer, in whatever application you require. Through our hands-on experience we have gained great insight into the requirements for different netting uses in agricultural  applications.

We provide nets  with a 10 year UV warranty to avoid Sunlight breaking  down netting products over time . It has the performances of wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting, fine toughness. Our various products cover extruded plastic mesh and knitted mesh. These netting have different shapes, such as diamond netting, square mesh netting, expanded netting and geo grid netting

We use only high-density UV protected polyethylene netting for the agriculture nets we supply.  There are many types of UV inhibitors and these will affect the longevity of your netting. Our UV inhibitors are of the highest quality, and manufactured in Europe.


Advantages of using polyethylene materials:
  • It has the longest life over any of the other materials used for netting.
  • It will not rot.
  • Very low shrinkage, no expansion, and not affected by humidity.
  • Much lighter weight than nylon or polyester.
  • Floats on water.
  • In polyethylene, the UV protection is injected before extrusion of the filaments and is chemically bonded.
  • In comparison: nylon or polyester is UV coated after manufacturing, and this is the first thing to wear off, exposing the netting to UV rays. Nylon will break down quickly; and will expand and contract with the changes in humidity.

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Our product development strategy is to create a product that enable circular economy and sustainability to have a better world for our future generations.