We are committed to eco sustainability by delivering product and services that uses renewable resources, with a low carbon foot print in their Life Cycle Assessment, help to reduce the use and depilation of precious resource such as water and natural soil nutrients, optimizing land usage, high crop production and promote recycling of fossil resources.

Each of our product brands has it’s unique way to contribute to-wards eco sustainability either by their raw materials , by their application or by their disposal at the of the useful life

Eco AgroTM.   – is a Sustainable , renewable substrate and an organic growing media , which is becoming increasingly popular among the growers all other the world. Other Hydroponic growing media such as peat moss and rockwool are non-renewable and fossil based depleting resources. Use of coir as a growing media help the plant and for a better future.


EcoMulchTM.    Eliminate the use of in-organic chemical for weed suppression ,hence help to protect the water streams from chemical contamination . The use of mulch films reduce water use of crop production by 80% and conserve the water. The EcoMulch films are either made from recyclable Polyethylene materials or 100% compostable PLA/PBAT materials.


EcoDripTM.       Water is the most precious natural resource on earth and water conservation and water management is one of the main concerns in sustainability. Drip Irrigation reduces 90% of water requirement for crop production and act as a media to supply eco-friendly organic fertilizers to crops.


EcoGreenTM.  Green house farming is the most sustainable and ecofriendly growing process that consumes only 10% of the resources used by the conventional farming. Our Greenhouse films helps growers and farmers to build a greenhouse at a lower cost and promoting greenhouse crop production is part of our vision. The Green house films we make are made from homogenous materials and a free of laminations so they are made to recycle after end of useful life at any plastic recycling facility.


EcoNetTM.  Our nettings are reusable and recyclable Polyethylene nets, which promote recyclability and reusability are key elements of circular economy. These nets prevent crops from insects’ attacks without use of inorganic chemicals on the plants, which contribute to safe guard the water streams and predominantly save the biodiversity loss of insects and birds.

EcoBagTM.  Our are 100% recyclable and made out of recycled materials promote circular economy of resources. The tree guards and forestry bags are 100% home compostable and eliminate plastic contamination after the trees are planted. The Growbags and crop protection covers are 100% recyclable plastics and reusable multiple times.

Reson For Choosing Us

Our product development strategy is to create a product that enable circular economy and sustainability to have a better world for our future generations.