Growing Media

These blocks  comes with a lesser compression ratio 2:1 easy to loosen up and have multiple applications. Product material consist of coco pith or husk chips or different combination according to the customer needs.


Bales which have Extensive Applications in Horticulture by Virtue of its Excellent Drainage Properties and Ability to retain high Oxygen Levels. Coir pith contains high quality of nutrients that keep the soil healthy in a natural way. It acts as a top dressing that helps maintain moisture and reconditions the soil

It is an environmentally-friendly & sustainable organic alternative to peat moss. Bales can be used in greenhouses, vertical gardens, landscaping, exclusively alone as a growing medium, blended together or mixed with expanded clay pellets, perlite or topsoil. It’s a great bedding material for worm farms and perfect for all types of plants including fruits, flowers, vegetables, bonsai, cactus, orchid, roses, succulents, mushrooms and hydroponics.


Physical and Chemical Properties








40-50 %


6.0 – 8.0

190-200 liters

Animal Bedding

Coco Peat is a comfortable and best suitable material for animal friendly bedding. It is ideal as bedding for as floor layer for animal sheds due to its moisture absorbing quality and soft bed cushioning effects. It is easy to lay and remove and free from dust particles. Coco Peat helps to keep your pets at best comfort levels and healthy. Coco Peat also avoids bad odours and reproduction of flies and the midge flies about 90%. Cocopeat is replacing all other animal bedding products all over the world. 

Amount of bedding for horse required is contingent upon the weight of the horse, type of material, time of the year and floor surface. On average, 12 X 12 Horse st all will require Five to Six Cocopeat Bales for clean fresh bedding. 

To sum up, Cocopeat is 100% organic, easy to use, and cost-effective and the best part is that it has an after-use as a growing medium when it is cleaned and added to the soil, it improves and adds richness to the soil for cultivating and gardening purposes.


Advantages of using Cocopeat for Animal Bedding
  • Cocopeat is 100% Organic and cost-effective 
  • It is easy to lay and remove and comes without fine dust particles
  • It carries no pathogenic agents
  • Cocopeat has cushioning effects for Horses and reduces discomfort in Limbs and Ligament by preventing fatigue of them. 
  • It absorbs moisture better than any other medium
  • Can be used in all spreading systems
  • Easily disposable as a Coir Compost for soil
  • It maintains optimal phytosanitary conditions.